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Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
*cough* I believe I'll need to see (read) Vampire!Fate being dominated for erm... research *nod nod* *shot*

I think Nanoha will be plenty aggressive in time *wants to see that*
Originally Posted by wanwan1203 View Post
yes Nanoha could!! She can! She will! *cheers Nanoha on* Will she?.. hehe, that's why I can't see her as the sub type.

Vampire!Fate + masochist.... *squeals* Now I like V!Fate more. I can't wait to see a scene with a masochist V!Fate and a Dom!Nanoha, if ever there will be one in the fic. Ah forgive me, must be the hormones. *smiles sheepishly*
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