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Seiyuu for New Character in Tears to Tiara -Kakan no Daichi- Announced

Originally Posted by Siegel Clyne View Post
A couple of more characters and their voice actors have been announced for the Tears to Tiara -Kakan no Daichi- PS3 game: Taliesin, voiced by Tsuboi Tomohiro; and Gaius, voiced by Hamada Kenji, along with pics and screenshots from the game.

Tears to Tiara -Kakan no Daichi- Character Voice Samples from AQUAPLUS's Official Website

Arawn (CV: Ookawa Tooru)
Riannon (CV: Gotou Yuuko)
Arthur (CV: Ishii Makoto)
Morgan (CV: Nakahara Mai)
Octavia (CV: Tanaka Rie)
Ogam (CV: Akimoto Yousuke)
Taliesin (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro)
Llyr (CV: Nazuka Kaori)
Rathty (CV: Ueda Kana)
Limwris (CV: Koshimizu Ami)
Ermin (CV: Shimizu Ai)
Epona (CV: Asai Kiyomi)
Gaius (CV: Hamada Kenji)

Note: Click character voice (CV) links to hear voice samples.

Excluding the recently announced two additional characters for the game, Taliesin and Gaius, the Tears to Tiara TV anime earlier this year has been officially confirmed in anime magazines (e.g., Newtype, Animage) as sharing the same cast as the Tears to Tiara -Kakan no Daichi- PS3 game.

Therefore, the voice samples for the characters in the game should give an idea of how the characters will sound in the anime.

Described as a "proud, powerful warrior," for example, Octavia (voiced by Tanaka Rie) appears to be a tough, strong soldier wielding a big sword, as well as a veritable blue eyed blonde tsundere.

Who's Lydia?

Sawashiro Miyuki voices Lydia in Tears to Tiara -Kakan no Daichi-.

Octavia/Suigintou vs Lydia/Shinku?

Another Rozen Maiden rivalry?

Will Lydia show up in the Tears to Tiara anime as well?
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