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Random Backlogged Shots

I'm in the process of moving back to New York so I haven't had much time to sort through my newer images and process them for upload here, but I do have quite a few to share... including some more flower shots!

...? Are flower shots boring? Ah well... some new equipment is waiting for me back in New York: my 70-300mm telephoto lens (which should make for some nice wildlife photography), and a 50mm macro lens (which I intend to use for insects and... more flowers). Variety is nice, right? I'll also be upgrading camera bodies. I've heard that the new system can do 30 minute exposure times, so if you liked my star trails shot, be ready for even better ones!

Many of these images are older and rather random, but I'd processed them about a month ago anyway and might as well share. As an aside, I'm still not posting the image EXIF data (the data containing camera settings) but I've found out that if you do a "Save as..." in Photoshop, instead of "Save for web & devices" then the EXIF data is preserved in the image itself. I'll attempt to process my images using "Save as" from now on.


Bird's Eye View
This is a novelty shot, rather than something high quality. This was taken from an airplane window while in flight, somewhere along the East Coast this past winter. Unsure of the altitude. Taken with the 40-150mm lens at its full length (150mm).

The Pine Rat
Taken with the 150mm at its max length. The squirrel wasn't terribly far away. The slightly blurred background and foreground doesn't add to the picture, and could have theoretically been fixed by stopping down the aperture setting (although I've only learned that recently). This could actually be a very decent picture if I cropped it, a technique that many digital photographers seem to be employing. With 10 megapixels I have enough range to crop out some images and still resize it down such that you'd never have known it was cropped.

Fun with Mirrors
An experimental idea I had while bored in the passenger seat.

The Bridge Brigade
Taken from the same series as where "Sky Painting" was derived from. The nature is nice on its own and the cars as they are don't add much in my mind - keeping the shutter open for a few seconds would have resulted in light trails from the lights, which would have looked nicer. Alas, I didn't have a tripod to do that with.

Setting the Night Free
The Statue of Liberty, framed against a crazy sunset.

The Coward
White-tailed deer - common wildlife fare for me. Taken with the 40-150mm at 150mm. Expect better results with the 70-300mm.

Branch Web
Artistic, but a bit blurry. Expect better results with the macro lens.

The Zergling
The snow and grass combo reminds me of one of those Starcraft maps... shot was taken through a glass window, Mercury never knew what was taking place.

Thanks for viewing. And sorry escimo, but the B&W shot I mentioned is in a different set of images - I'll try to prioritize it for the next posting.
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