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Guidelines :
  • Anything that is nonhuman based is accepted. These include Angel, Demons, Monsters, Mecha, Vehicles, Animals .. practically anything that is not a human.
  • Cosplaying human character dont count. so, bunny Kallen is not accepted. Nor this
  • Nonhuman trait MUST BE visible in the signature. If your signature requires knowledge of the character used.. its not accepted.
    Ask yourself this question when selecting your render
    Which part can I point to prove this render is nonhuman?
    .. If your answer is .. "Thats her fish tail.. she's a mermaid" -OR- "Thats her fangs .. She's a vampire" .. then that render is usable..
    if you answer is "thats San Seto" -OR- "thats Arcuied" .. then I suggest you find a different render.
  • The theme is nonhuman, so please make the nonhuman attribute as the main focus. Having a human girl with a pet then focusing on the girl is out of theme. So is having Kira sitting on SFreedom's shoulder .. with only SF shoulder seen in the signature.
  • Do stick to anime based render please. As much as your pet is adorable to you, its not an anime character ._.

Its a very simple theme.. and this should allow mechas signatures (Gundam, Gurren, Knightmares) to be use alongside Grimmjaws and Ulqi and Viral. It should now left to how leet can you get your signatures to be as its practically freestyle.

In case of Arrancars, make sure their mask is visible.. in case of Rozen's doll, make sure those dolljoints are visible. Viral need to show you his fangs

Shoot your question if you wish
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