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Name: Asclei Foresythe
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 171 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Place of Birth: 367th Aldian research facility
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Red
Mage Type: Aldian Knight
Magic Array: Aldian
Magic Color: Dark Red
Elemental Affinity: Lightning
Mage/Knight Rank: SS+
Threat Level: SSS

Known as:
The Ark of Lightning,
13th Lance,
Blood Hound of Aldia,

Aldia - One of the thirteen kings lance
Albion - One of the Seven Arks

Combat Vest (Barrier Jacket):
Primary Phase, Delta Form

Arms (Device): Silvance

Catch Phrase: “Ittou Ryoudan” ( 一刀両断)

Combat Vest:

Delta Form: Asclei’s default barrier jacket. The thoracic plate enforces the defense of Asclei’s chest area. It also prevents any direct attacks on the linker core like what Lotte did to Fate in the 2nd season.

Arms: Silvance
Arms Type: Combat Arms (V1-4)
Arms Storage Form: Card (V1-4)
Arms Modes: Assault Form – Zweihander
Twin Blade Form – Two singled edged swords (
Gunnerz Form – Rifle (
Foresythe Form – A giant scythe with 2 blades attached to its sides
Kryton Form - Two blades joined together by a hilt located at the center.

Spoiler for Personality: other words, sketches >_<

Spoiler for Long Haired Asclei:

Spoiler for Short Haired Asclei:

Spoiler for Break:

I did mention that Asclei transforms whenever he needs to spy on others and gather informatin...right? Anyway, Lanos and the others didn't know about what form Asclei transforms into. However, Fate later found out about it.

Here's a sketch of Fate's expression when she realized that the person before her can pretty much tell XD.

Spoiler for eeeeeeeeh?!!!!!!!!!!!:

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