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Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
They're gonna beat us down *builds mod shelter* Quick get the pairings!
*dons protective gear*
wanwan: The children! Save the children!
*proceeds to herd NanoFatelings into TheShinySword's mod shelter*
wanwan: Someone get NanoVita and Fatenum out of the building! Search for the threesomes too! Yuunoro will be our sacrificial lamb. Go go go!!

Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post
LOL Pairing mania eh?

Mods going ballistic? This should be interesting XD

*dons on a helmet as well and starts nibbling on wanwan's cheek like Shizuru in her avatar*
*wipes cheek*
eww ghazghkull go easy on the slobber.
*nibbles on his cheek too*
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