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!!!Official Newcomer help post!!!

Due to the sudden swarm of newcomers here, I decided to make an official welcoming and help post. In this post I hope to answer a few of your questions.

First off, I would like to direct you to the Fanfiction profile post. This post, on the first page, second post, list everyone here's collected fanfictions. If you are looking for fics from a certain person, your best bet would be to check there. little shorts are not kept up with, as there are so many, so using the advanced search option will be your best bet. You may PM me or visitor message me if you have any questions.

Q:How do I get my fanfics added to the profile page?
A:The only requirement is to be a poster here. Don't have to be active, but if you post your works here, I will record it for you. Simply send me a PM/friend message with the required information.
Spoiler for More Details:

Q: How do I quote?
A: to quote a single post, simply click "Quote" on the lower right of their post and it will take you to the reply page with the quotes already added. If you wish to quote multiple people, use "+Quote" and it will highlight green. Click as many as you want, then hit "post reply" like normal, and it will be formatted for you. To manually quote, use {Quote} text {/Quote} but with the [ ] instead. Same for bold B /B, underline U /U, and italics I /I.

Q:How do I spoiler tag?
A: Highlight the text you want in the spoiler and click the little yellow triangle with the "!" on it right above the text field where you type. A box will pop up asking what the spoiler is for. Enter anything you want.

Spoiler for What your spoiler is about will appear here:

Q:How do I add things to a post I've already done?
A: Look on the bottom right of your post, there is an "edit" button. Click that and it can change whatever you need or add something to it. This will help double posting.

You can Quote my post here and you can see the spoiler and quote tags in effect if you want a more visual example.

Q:No one replied to my story! Why!?
A:There are a loooooooot of post here, a lot of stories shared, and a lot of people glancing posts. If you want people to notice your story more, add a title in center and bold, maybe add a color. But always remember, there are a lot of people, such as myself, who read but don't really know how to comment. Just because there isn't a page of people freaking out about your story, doesn't mean it wasn't read.

Spiffy title here!

See how it grabs attention? Just don't go overboard or you may turn some people off to it.

Most importantly here, have fun and do not be afraid to post. You comments ARE welcome, no matter how new you are. If there is an interactive story going, your vote DOES count. Even if you lurk and don't post except to vote.

We are all friends here, so don't feel shy. We'll accept you with open arms and help you any way we can.

Lastly, if you have comments on stories, please post them. Don't be afraid we will take it offensively. Even if you are thinking: "OMG! I love this author so much! no way they will ever listen to little ol' me!", think again. All of us love our fans and comments and suggestions fuel our fire. Say your comments, even if they are negative, and you may even start a debate that makes the author improve. I, personally, have re-written chapters because of some brave souls who come out and go "Hey... I really think you could have done better here.... here's why:".

That being said, you can either PM me for privacy or visitor message me for any questions or ideas you may have. You can also reply here and a few people will help you out as well.

[EDIT] a neat way to bookmark the forums is to change the page number to something that isn't here yet. Like if we're on page 300-something, then if you bookmark anything over 300-something, you'll always be directed to the last page. For example:

If you bookmark the above URL, then you will always be directed to the newest page of the forums. Great for your home page or quickbar :P

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