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Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Indeed that'd be Nanoha's answer to everything *runs*
Originally Posted by illidan182 View Post
Quiet simple... consequences = Starlight Breaker to the fase... and maybe a graf eisen to the stomach? =S
hehe true, although she may get the wrong person if her detective skills are anything to go by:

Spoiler for Possible outcome:

Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Vivio/Vita's :3

Spoiler for Repost for newbies: The Gift:

Edit: If you read the version with the weird sentence at it that was the first line of another incomplete fic I kept in the same file>< sorry for any confusion
I read this a while back when i was still lurking, thought it was very cute, just to put another random pairing out there, what if Vivio grows up, Vita wants to be able to mature, and Shamal finds a way for her to have an older body.... Possible erm... Vitio????? O.o

*Runs and Hides from possible backlash*
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