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...random crack...

Fate: Nanoha! Hurry look up!
Nanoha: *Looks upwards* I don’t see it Fate-chan!
Yuuno: Maybe you should fly up a little to see if you get a better view Nanoha.
Fate & Yuuno: *nods in unison eagerly*
Nanoha: Uhh, ok! *actives flier fin and fly’s up a bit*
Fate & Yuuno: *Stares up at Nanoha, getting a nice panty shot*
Yuuno: This is your best idea yet Fate…
Fate: *looks at Yuuno and nods then stares back up*
Fate & Yuuno: *Nosebleed*
Nanoha: I still don’t see what I’m supposed to be looking at! T__T

EDIT: page claim for Soccermom!Fate xDxDxDxDxD ROFL

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