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I second Persona 3 FES. You get what, the original P3 AND the expansion for only 30 bucks? What a steal, for what I consider to be the best ps2 RPG to date.

If you don't mind something very graphic and mature, then also try the Digital Devil Saga. Suikoden V rivals Suikoden II (which many consider the best in the series) even in the hardcore Suiko-fan's eyes, so definitely check that out as well (note that you don't need previous suiko knowledge to enjoy it). Ar Tonelico also gets a second from me, as Misha's character is the most touching I've seen in recent memory.

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How about PSP, Which game do you recommended?
If you don't mind SRPG, then by far and away Jeanne D'arc. Simple yet fun battle system, and a story that puts a twist to the tale of Joan.

A more interesting battle system though would be Wild Arms XF, as the hex grid plus their heavy emphasis on the class system was something refreshing from the the typical SRPG. As for a 'pure' RPG non-remake, then Brave Story would be the best IMO.

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