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It is old but I'll suggest Xenosaga. I've only played the first game, but I thought the story line was pretty good and the battles weren't always grindfests, but instead you had to sometimes use actual tactics to win a fight. The character development was present but not is the first of three games, so I'd suspect more of that shows up later. It has very long cut scenes, sometimes past 30 it has much more of an anime feel than most.

Plus there's all kinds of fun stuff in there. One of the characters gets a quest to summon a giant robot...basically Voltron. Another is a magical girl, pretty much...I think she's based on Cardcaptor Sakura from a few hints in the game. A third is pretty much angel...yeah it is cool. There's tons of "mini" games, but none are really necessary to complete the game. There's also a poker game you can play for money and a collectible card game to boot, all included. It is a fun game.
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