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Rhapsody (PS), of course, completely forgot that one, it is a TRPG, but the battle are usually pretty short.

Odin's Sphere (PS2), a 2D action RPG, how cool is that. I reckon if you like the the Tales series battle systems, you will probably enjoy this one. Plus it has amazing sprites, animation and music.

Persona 3 FES (PS2)..., school sim and dungeon brawler.

Dragon Quest 8 (PS2). It is dragon quest and by level-5, so try it out.
Rogue Galaxy (PS2). Another game by level-5.
Dark Cloud & Dark Cloud 2. Yup level-5.

Parasite Eve 1&2 (PS). Survival horror with RPG elements.

Phantasy Star Series, plus the online games PSO and PSU. I think PSO servers are offline now, but it is still a nice dungeon brawler.
Some Phantasy Star titles are on VC and you can get Phantasy Star Complete Collection for the PS2, only as import, but it has english text as well.
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