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Fanfiction chat now open.

Here's how to join it.
go to
enter channel: #fanfic_lounge
enter your name
click connect.

not simple enough? here, lemme draw you a picture


1.) This chat is governed by me and a few others. If you have any problems (technical, or harassment) with things going on in the chat, please contact me first and I will assist you in any way possible.

2.) Assume all images and links are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). You are responsible for yourself, and the interactions in the chatroom or links contained there within are not regulated. If you are unsure if a link or picture contains age 18+ material, just ask. That being said, please be considerate and give warnings whenever possible.

3.) The chat is not affiliated with AnimeSuki in anyway, shape, or form.

4.) There is no specific topic to speak about, but it is a chatroom for readers and writers, so if someone has questions/comments about said works, please listen :3

5.) Finally, this is not OC chat, nor Outer Cadia. We are not Cadians. Most things regarding such topics are not meant for this chat, and should be directed to the OC chat channel, or the OC thread. This does not include talking about fics you are doing, nor discussing said fics. It only refers to the OC in-jokes, the OC Bluecheesum, the "haxxbusting", and all other things that are generally considered OC-jokes-related including time lines and such referring to them.

The reason for rule number five is because there are some people who are intimidated by the OC thread, massive backlogs, and are generally either unsure about it or don't want a part of it. The Fanfic chat is separated for a reason, just as the OC thread and Fanfic thread are separate here on AnimeSuki.

That being said, all people from the OC chat are very welcome to come have fun with us, and rule number 5 is in no way meant to be a block against them, an insult against them, or to turn people off about them. They are great guys, fun to talk with, have great fanfic ideas, and are really creative. Any feelings hurt by rule number five are not my intention, and I apologize to anyone who feels that way.

6.) All language is allowed, including swear words. However, if it offends someone, please be respectful to them and don't use that language when they are around. Remember, we have young teens with us too. Any constant swearing when asked to tone it down will be considered harassment.

7.) If you are given a warning for any reason, please take it seriously. If you are kicked for any reason, stay out of the chat for a little bit and contact me via PM on IRC or on AS and discuss what it was about if you feel like it was unjust. I am very fair and neutral on topics.

8.) Have fun ^_^

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