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Chrono Cross? Good? *pukes in mouth* that game sullies the genius that was Chrono Trigger, I refuse to accept that *censorship for the good of the children* as a sequel of any kind.

Anyway, that aside...

I suggest Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube, for two reasons alone... Presea and Sheena <3

Odins Sphere is also great, I love the story and characters of this game.

Mana Khemia is good too, I rather enjoy the humor in the game. especially Anna's scenes

Persona 3 FES is also good. Although, the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth... you might like it though.

I generally hate all things Final Fantasy after FF6, well I like 7 sorta, so.. I won't make any comments about it.

Suikoden 2... if you're willing to dish out 250 - 600 bucks for it... lol. I found a mint condition unopened Suikoden 2 for 600 dollars. I picked mine up when it first released on a whim... I just thought the cover was cool and bought it, best decision I ever made.
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