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Out of the archives emerges a dust covered wolf. The wolf shakes itself off before transforming into a human and holding aloft a thick pile of paper.
"I have done it!" The wolf-person exclaims. "Hours of work in the archives but it has been finished."
"Only a few pages shy of 300 pages I present to the great people of Fila Fantasia ..."

The Shorts Archive
They're like longs fanfics but short
These are the shorts that haven't been archived or released anywhere but right here on the FanFic thread.

Spoiler for Alouscrie:

Spoiler for Dusk_:

Spoiler for Ellenoir:

Spoiler for Fuyu no Sora:

Spoiler for Gilraen Isilra:

Spoiler for Illidan182:

Spoiler for JunkedCat:

Spoiler for Momo Chan:

Spoiler for Kagerou:

Spoiler for Kasu1127:

Spoiler for Krisslanza:

Spoiler for Mae:

Spoiler for Panther_Munchy:

Spoiler for SaintX:

Spoiler for Satashi:

Spoiler for TeleIce:

Spoiler for USB500:

Spoiler for Wanwan1203:

If I've missed anything or made a mistake please PM me and I'll right it right away

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