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The wolf then grins mischievously and picks up another stack of paper. "Of course there's this archive too.
"Do you dare investigate it?"

The Crack Archive
The Crack is Strong in these ones

What is crack you might be asking? Well according to our board's wiki Crack is:
"A form of fan fiction in which characters are put in very random, nonsensical situations, and most often are all OOC. Its name, derived from the drugs, uses the irrationality from the drug high as an example of what to expect in the piece. Generally these are humor pieces. Also occasionally known as a sugarfic, probably from the common assertion in author's notes that the story was written on a "sugar high", or the stereotype of such."
But the truth is you probably shouldn't think about it much.
The purpose of this Archive is to be a comprehensive guide to our massive amount of crack and what they're based on.

Now come on in don't be shy the Crack won't hurt. Much.

Garden Variety Crack

Spoiler for Enraptured:

Spoiler for ghazghkull:

Spoiler for Illidan182:

Spoiler for Junked Cat:

Spoiler for Kagerou:

Spoiler for Kai the Reaper:

Spoiler for Mercurianangel:

Spoiler for Naolin:

Spoiler for Thesinwithin:

Spoiler for USB500:

Spoiler for Specials:

Special Crack
Spoiler for Shiny Crack:

Spoiler for Board Crack:

Spoiler for Khrack:

And sorry for the double post

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