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Originally Posted by TeleIce View Post
Well, I sure love the IRC XD

Piccu I drew of REIN X VIVIO:

Spoiler for Lined paper for the win:

Apparently Satashi will write a short on it
that's cute! *thinks that it's cool that his drawing inspired a nanoha fic*
*is waiting for the short*

Originally Posted by Fenris Blacwell View Post
*grins maniacally and starts singing* If you're happy and you know it blow up the planet!
Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Now that is just random. >.>
Originally Posted by Fenris Blacwell View Post
Not really. See if the planet's blown up, maybe they'll come to investigate and I can hitch a ride, and if I can convince someone else to do it and act like im not involved, that keeps me from having jail time.
o.o that is something alright. o.O
*writes nanoha crack to make it on topic*

Nanoha (to the Forwards): Alright kids! Let's sing!
Teana: K-kids??!!
Subaru: Who's a kid?!! -then proceeds to have a conversation with imaginary friends: Well helloo thar!! What's your name? Oh really? Hi then Chip! My name is Suba-chan and I'm gayer than the rainbow, nice to meet you!-
Caro and Erio: -_-"
Teana: *Facepalms*
Nanoha: *cheerful singing* If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!
Forwards: *speechless*
Nanoha: *smile fades* -twitch- Clap them or ima chargin' mah lazorrr!!! rarrr!!
Forwards: o.o
Nanoha: Raising Heart!
Raising Heart: Yes, my master.
Nanoha: Starlight Breaker
Raising Heart: [starlight breaker count X]
Forwards: -claps hands like they have broom stuck in their but--*wanwan is shot*
Random Gay Guy: *Ears perk up* I say what what!! in the butt!! I say what what in the bu---*is starlight breaker'd to oblivion* oO;;
Yuunoro: *Hears the singing and breaks into song* You wanna do it in my butt, in my bu--*shot* -_-"

-end crack fic-
*dives into the mod shelter*

Originally Posted by Ilya View Post
EDIT: wanwan's nosebleed? WTH is up with that tag?
that tag: I don't know. What's up with me??!!
that tag: *reads NanoFate and Fignum teasers and fanfics* o//////////////o
that tag: Oh.

Originally Posted by Thesinwithin View Post
so hey guys. I was browsing Nanoha's ff section on and I discovered this little gem of a story that is sadly neglected when it comes to feed back.

I think that the poor author deserves some, and that we're the best people to give it to him/her.

Through Troubled Waters

What do you say?
I will read this. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Have a Vampire!Fate: Creation teaser

As he walked to the far wall, Fate watched him pick up a training whip for the horses. The tightly bound leather braided rope fell to the ground when he gripped the handle. “A perfect way to teach restraint and focus,” he mused to himself while eying his adopted daughter/apprentice. “This will be your first of many, Fate.” to show her what it could do, he flicked his wrist to snap the whip so loudly that the horses around them whined in their stalls.
*has not yet recovered from the NSFW Fate pic bombs*
wh-whip??? oO;; *explodes*

*wonders when it will be posted and waits*

Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Out of the archives emerges a dust covered wolf. The wolf shakes itself off before transforming into a human and holding aloft a thick pile of paper.
"I have done it!" The wolf-person exclaims. "Hours of work in the archives but it has been finished."
"Only a few pages shy of 300 pages I present to the great people of Fila Fantasia ..."

The Shorts Archive
Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
The wolf then grins mischievously and picks up another stack of paper. "Of course there's this archive too.
"Do you dare investigate it?"

The Crack Archive
The Crack is Strong in these ones
Thank you TSS!!!! You have made me very happy! I am amazed by the effort you put into these!!!! I shall give you a hug now. -hug- :3

Originally Posted by Junkedcat View Post
Warning: The following chapter "Sister" contains content that may be disturbing to some readers.
Spoiler for L!F Ch 9:
-cries- That's so sad!!! Kill those bastards!!! >.< raarrrgh!!! Poor Fate. They must be starting to get comfortable with each other now, for Fate to be able to share these things to Nanoha. This feels like a big step for them.

Originally Posted by Junkedcat View Post
Spoiler for L!F Ch 10:
*laughs like a retarded chipmunk*
This was a fun chapter. XD
I think I'm turning into a bipolar person now. o.O

Originally Posted by illidan182 View Post
Incoming crack! Wanao (Wanwan1203 x Naolin)

Spoiler for Crack #1:

Spoiler for Crack#2 (Wanao again):

Spoiler for Crack#3 (Again, Wanao):

I repeat my words on the IRC: Illidan is evillllllllllllllll!!!!! *cries*

Spoiler for Crack#4 (MercurianAngel/TSS/Satashi):

Spoiler for Crack#5 (Tss):
But TSS' gender remains a mystery!! *throws ideas at Illidan*

Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Tag in
Spoiler for Crack 1:
WTH wanwany???! -_-'

Spoiler for Crack 2 continued:
Professor (er picks nanoha character at random) Signum: Ok does anyone know the answer to the question?
wanwan: -raises hand and sees Fate NSFW pic- *faints*
Class: O.O
Professor Signum: -brings out smelling salts- (no response) -frustrated- Child, you better wake up or else the shiny object on my table will start speaking in German and start saying "explosion" in a funny accent.
wanwan: -comes to-
Professor Signum: Can you tell us what happened?
wanwan: uguu..ughh...F-fa....
Professor Signum: Yes?
wanwan: Fate was humping my arm. @.@
Class: o.o

*thinks that she will die from bloodloss because of permanent NSFW image on skin* TSS is evillll too! >.<

Spoiler for Crack 3:
Fate likes to adopt little children. She even adopts discarded styrofoam cups from McDonald's and bellybutton lints because of their tragic past. Her heart is that big.

Spoiler for Crack 4:

Now excuse me as I run away from everyone who now wants to kill me.
LOL at Satashi's description and the shiny will-soon-be-dead sword XD

too many posts >.< @.@

IRC has slowed the thread down. :3 ^^'

Detective!Nanoha: The IRC is slowing the thread down.
Wanwan: I just said that. *eyeroll*
Detective!Nanoha: Aha! I conclude that you just said that! *strikes a proud pose* God I'm smart.
Wanwan: WTH??
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