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Originally Posted by Zekori View Post
Maybe or maybe not, not all the world was destroyed by the barrage of the Zentradi iirc, but thats a moot point of discussion. It however certainly caught my ear when I heard "Doctor Mao" and makes me wonder if Macross Frontier is just the continuation of the ending for Macross Zero.

Afaik didn't Macross Zero take place around 2008? MF takes place 51 or so years afterwards, wouldn't surprise me that with cybernetics and such that Mao is still alive.

Also on a sidenote, did they recover her earring from the crystal sample in episode 10? If it isn't then I wouldn't be surprised that Sheryl's mother is you know who.
Actually I don't think this is the case. To copy what I said in another thread:

I don't think there is any connection at all between Ozma and Dr. Mao Nome directly. The significance of that statement I believe is in what happens to Mao Nome after the incident. She is still on earth and is a teenager when we last saw her in Macross Zero. This gives insight that Mao goes to school and holds a PhD in something or a MD. And she is obviously famous enough from whatever she does to be remembered significantly into the future by Ozma. So that is the significant part of that comment. There is something huge in the greater Macross story about Mao Nome, later to become Dr. Mao. Because I'm not aware of anything more on that character outside Macross Zero.

Hence it may be possible she was able to be on Macross or even if she is simply old (estimation 11 in Macross Zero in 2008 so 62 in 2059 - Source) I don't think she's there during Macross Frontier's time line or if she is she is on a different Macross fleet elsewhere.

All the Colonial Fleets left Earth in 2012. If you look at the First episode of Macross Frontier there is a short story describing the happening until this point. In that you see an animation of many fleets leaving Earth. They are named Macross with a number next to it. 1 through 7. Macross 7 obviously is the center point of the Macross 7 anime series. There are also Megaroad fleets, 08 through 13 that I can see. There is one shown if you pause it that says M-Frontier 025 which means it's the 25th Colonial fleet. Later in the same sequence you see Megaroad-4 land on a planet called Eden in 2013. From there more fleets break off from it. M-Frontier from Earth then meets up with M-Galaxy from Eden in the year 2059. So M-Frontier has been in space going for 47 years now. Amazing what you get about the history from just that small animation introduction.

I'm more wiling to bet that Dr Mao Nome did something very significant in her work somewhere in the Macross timeline and hence is remembered years into the future. Which is still a ridiculously short period of time considering the advancements from the start in 1999 to current 2059. Although because Frontier came from Earth it's very possible that Dr. Mao Nome "might" be on board. We don't know yet.

Referencing Timeline:
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