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Originally Posted by lsley View Post
I've got a little (actually a big -.-) problem with my sliced sig.

question: how the hell can I put the parts together?

Sry if there is already a tut about this. If there is one please give me a link cause I didn't find one by myselve

Thanks i advance
It also depends on how you make the slices. There won't be a problem if the slices are all horizontal or all vertical. However it gets more complex if you are combining horizontal and vertical slices. Generally it's ok if you slice horizontally first then vertically, but not vertically first then horizontally.

Confusing? Then see the image below for illustration.

It's actually possible to piece together the 2nd type of slicing through the use of tables with cellspacing and cellpadding set to 0. However, since this forum doesn't allow those settings to be specified, you will get a spacing between the slices when you piece them together.


Now for an example on how to piece together the 1st type of slicing.

[img]Slice 1[/img]
[img]Slice 2[/img][img]Slice 3[/img][img]Slice 4[/img][img]Slice 5[/img]

Will give you:

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