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Flower Photography 2: The Getty Gardens

This is my second set of images from my outing at The Getty, an art museum in Los Angeles, California. These were taken on the same day as the set of sculpture pictures that I previously posted. I think that my girlfriend experienced some major boredom during this part of our outing, but hopefully the images are good enough to make up for it! I feel that they're much improved over the first set of flower pictures that I posted a few months back. The equipment used was the same in both cases. As per the images above, EXIF data is contained within the images. Click the image to see the full-size image, and then right-click it to view the image properties. I highly recommend viewing this at their fullest resolution to better appreciate the flowers.

This was some reedy grass at the entrance to the gardens. It had interesting coloration and grew in clumps thick enough to fill the image frame. It's something you could get lost (in thought) in, so I thought it might make a nice desktop background.

An example of strange things that can catch your eye when you have a camera in your hand. There was a small stream that flowed through the garden, and this leaf had gotten caught while flowing along it. Given that the focal point of the picture had more to do with the light playing on the water and its contrast against the solid leaf, I attempted to emulate escimo's monotone style and see how it came out. I'm actually not sure that I prefer the monotone version to the colored version (shown below in spoiler tags); feedback is much appreciated on this particular shot! Even if the color version is better, this might be my best monotone shot to date (which isn't saying much).
Spoiler for Adrift in Color:

Floral Burst
There were some interesting wire tree-like structures laced with these flowers along the tops near the front of the garden. The patches of sky visible through the flowers give a nice touch, although the sky on the left is overexposed. This might have been a good candidate for a HDR image. I didn't have a tripod, but even if I had I probably wouldn't have realized to do a HDR bracket at the time...

Flower Privates
This was stretching the limits of my 14-42mm lens' capabilities as a macro lens. Taking a shot at the inside of a flower that forms a tunnel-like structure with its petals is a usual thing to do for many macrophotographers, it seems, and I didn't want to be left out. I'm not posting this as an example of great photography, but to demonstrate the technical limitations of the 14-42mm lens. In the future, compare this with shots taken by my 50mm macro lens to see the difference.

The Stars and the Honeybee
Yet another attempt at macro photography with flowers and insects. This is about the closest you can get with the 14-42mm before it blurs. I could have cropped this image and it might have made a decent macro image, but it's nothing compared with a designated macro setup.

The Sun and the Honeybee

The Purple Jungle
Arbuably the angle and depth of field combination could have been better here, but I like this quite a bit. The blurred background (termed "bokeh" in the photography world - apparently it's derived from Japanese) came out nicely, with the red and blue dots of other flowers providing a pleasant upper region to the image.

The Climb
Throughout the garden there were a few arches with plants climbing along them. The plant here is a honeysuckle, which isn't the most exotic flower around. As a result it didn't get a picture dedicated to it alone.

Star Burst
These flowers were really neat and made for some great pictures. This picture is the desktop of one of my Windows virtual machines.

Purple Distinction

Green Bursts
Not quite as exotic as those purple star-like cluster flowers, but fun to photograph.

Busy Honeybee
Very pleasing bokeh. The flower looks a bit aged...

Orange Power
The white balance in this picture may be off by a bit due to the overpowering orange.

The Deviants
There's something about blue flowers that I find to be very calming. For some reason the two types of flowers shown here remind me of comical villains (one fat and one thin). These were somewhat hanging down from arches near the end of the garden.

The good news is that I don't have any more sets of flower pictures. I may have posted two sets of flower pictures, but I refuse to be defined as a flower photographer. I have one or two more sets of pictures to go through before I begin posting shots taken with the my new specialty lenses. Look forward to them!
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