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Akaneiro ni Somarusaka Anime Announcement was Expected (by Some)

Since the star studded cast for the Sony PlayStation 2 game version was announced over three and a half months ago, I had been expecting an announcement of an Akaneiro ni Somarusaka anime to be made.

See my posts here and at Anime News Network: A couple of KimiKiss seiyuu cast in Akaneiro ni Somarusaka Parallel; Trend for Anime Adaptations of Ero-Games Continues; and...

Re: Trend for Anime Adaptations of Ero-Games Continues

Originally Posted by Siegel Clyne
No anime version has been announced yet.

Because feng/GoodNavigate apparently made the effort to assemble an all-star seiyuu cast for the PS2 game, a number of fans in Japan believe that Akaneiro ni Somarusaka Parallel will be made into an anime, featuring the same seven voice actresses playing the same seven heroines.
And they were right.

Since I wrote those posts over three and a half months ago, they have added four more characters and their voice actors to the game.

Akaneiro ni Somarusaka Parallel PS2 Game Cast

Nagase Jun'ichi

Katagiri Yuuhi CV: Kugimiya Rie

Nagase Minato CV: Hirano Aya

Kiryuu Tsukasa CV: Inoue Marina

Shiraishi Nagomi CV: Hirohashi Ryou

Shiina Mitsuki CV: Tanaka Rie

Tachibana Mikoto CV: Hazuki Erino

Parallel Original Heroine Ayanokouji Karen CV: Katou Emiri

Nijou Aya CV: Fukuhara Kaori

Nishino Fuyuhiko CV: Ishida Akira

Sugishita Seijirou CV: Koyama Rikiya

Fujimiya Sai CV: Kobayashi Yuu

Expect the voice actors from the PS2 game rather than from the PC ero-game, more or less, to reprise their roles in the anime.

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