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Yeah, that one came out sometime back and focused a bit more on the 2nd half of teh series as opposed to the first book that came out halfway through the show.

Right, now for some Kwality translation work from yours truly:

Dennou Coil Night

Spoiler for prelude/description of event:

The event was in 3 parts:
Part 1a - Iso, Inoue, Hiramatsu do a live audio commentary of the last episode
Part 1b - After the commentary, the even'ts special guest, veteran director Gisaburo Sugii (Kanashimi no Belladonna AD, Night on the Galactic Railroad, Touch director) talks to Iso

Part 2 - Professional critic and university professor (among other things) Hiroki Azuma and Hiroshi Yamaguchi talk to Iso about Dennou Coil.

Part 3 - Rest of the staff joined in, with some commentary on Hiramatsu's episode 10 + OP and other things. (casual izakaya atmosphere)

Spoiler for Part 1a:

Spoiler for Part 1b (Sugii):

23/06: Coil Night part two.

God, I'm pooped from flipping between a bunch of blog entries to write all that, so forgive the awful rambling writing style as usual... I may have made some gross errors in part 1b because it's SO long and I don't think I really know what they're saying sometimes (different blogs say different things).

I added some lousy headings, hope it helps. But that's it for now, I'll translate part 2 (which was not very popular among most event-goers, most say it felt like they were talking about stuff not all that related to Dennou Coil) and 3 (which has more anecdotes) some other time. You can attempt to trudge through this in the meantime.

Suggestions, comments, corrections and clarifications are HIGHLY welcome

Almost all information taken from the blog entries listed here (major super ultimate props to the people who wrote these reports and compiled them!):
Thanks for the fish

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