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Anime Saimoe Tournament 2008 (Japan)

Anime Saimoe Tournament is an annual festival of anime characters competing their MOE in 2ch.

Anime Saimoe Tournament 2008 Official Site: <- I prefer this page.

Rules and principles are explained in detail at wikipedia, so I omit to write them and participants are strongly recommended to read them.

There are some of the rules as agreed between the mods in this thread(just copying and pasting from the last year's thread.).

No Campaign Posts.

* Absolutely no campaign posts allowed.

This includes posts containing ANY campaign verbiage whether in whole or in part. Contributing to the debate is encouraged, provided you do NOT add "VOTE ABCD!!!" (or similar to the post itself). Simply rebutting another's post or opinion with "XYZ sucks" is totally unacceptable.

To be clear:

* Please do not create a post with the sole purpose to campaign for a character!
* Do not add “VOTE FOR XYZ CHARACTER!!” anywhere in your post even if the intent isn't to purely campaign.

We want intelligent, decent and fun discussions about the weekly Rounds and the subsequent winners & losers.

* No Image campaigning.
Do not create a post with an image or collage representation of a campaign poster. In other words: a PhotoShopped image of the character you want people to vote for with “vote for” text added to it.

Posting Etiquette:

* Please do not cross post information about this tournament in other AnimeSuki threads except those which are related to moe tournaments.
Keep all Anime Saimoe Tournament posts, campaigns, character information, voting links, etc., within this thread only or in your signature (signature size limits still apply).

* No "meta-posting".
Meaning: posting about another poster, the thread or about another post itself, is forbidden and will be deleted on-the-spot, regardless of intention. If you want to comment about another poster that’s off-topic and/or personal, send them a PM.

* Any flame-baiting will be deleted and those people banned.
Please keep the thread positive, fun and clean. If your choice doesn’t win the Round and you can’t discuss the fact without complaining, swearing and baiting people into arguments, then don’t post.

* Do not create image only posts.
You can, however, include an image with your discussion. If you want to visually support the character you’re voting for then please do so in the context of your original discussion and use only one or two images. We would encourage the use of “thumbnails” if possible (and please, no large images). PM the mods if you need help with posting thumbnail images.
Past tournaments

Winner: Kinomoto Sakura@Card Captor Sakura

Winner: Harada Riku@D. N. ANGEL

Winner: Rosemary Applefield@Ashita no Nadja


Winner: Takamachi Nanoha@Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha


Winner: Suiseiseki@Rozen Maiden ~Traumend~


Winner: Furude Rika@Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Character nomination

Which characters are eligible?
Female characters (including androids, etc.) appeared in the anime which is aired in Japan during 2007/07/01~2008/06/30. All eligible anime series are listed in this site.

Schedule of nomination
6/23"ア" column
6/24"カ" column
6/25"サ" column
6/26"タ" and "ナ" column
6/27"ハ" column
6/28"マ", "ヤ", "ラ" and "ワ" column
6/29~6/30break(2 days)
7/01~7/02additional nomination(2 days)
7/04drawing for the first preliminary

How to nominate characters?
Go to the code generator and get a code, then post <<character name@series name>> with the code during 01:00:00~23:00:59 JST. You can post 5 characters at a time.


In the first prelims 1st~9th advance to the main tournament directly(9*20=180), 10th~30th go to the second prelims(21*20=420), in the second prelims 1st~9th advance to the main tournament(9*12=108). All in all 288 characters advance to the main tournament.

You can vote 9 characters in both 1st and 2nd prelims at a time.

1st Prelims
Group 1:Result
Group 2:Result
Group 3:Result
Group 4:Result
Group 5:Result
Group 6:Result
Group 7:Result
Group 8:Result
Group 9:Result
Group 10:Result
Group 11:Result
Group 12:Result
Group 13:Result
Group 14:Result
Group 15:Result
Group 16:Result
Group 17:Result
Group 18:Result
Group 19:Result
Group 20:Result

2nd prelims
Group 1:Result
Group 2:Result
Group 3:Result
Group 4:Result
Group 5:Result
Group 6:Result
Group 7:Result
Group 8:Result
Group 9:Result
Group 10:Result
Group 11:Result
Group 12:Result

Schedule of preliminary
07/07-07/16the first prelims, part1(10 days)
07/17break(1 day)
07/18-07/27the first prelims, part2(10 days)
07/28drawing for the second prelims
07/29-07/31break(3 days)
08/01-08/12the second prelims(12 days)
08/13drawing for the main tournament

Main Tournament

Block A
  1. Round 1: A1, A5, A9 A2, A6, A10 A3, A7, A11 A4, A8, A12
  2. Round 2: A2-1 A2-2 A2-3 A2-4
  3. Round 3: A3-1 A3-2
  4. Block Final: Af
Block B
  1. Round 1: B1, B5, B9 B2, B6, B10 B3, B7, B11 B4, B8, B12
  2. Round 2: B2-1 B2-2 B2-3 B2-4
  3. Round 3: B3-1 B3-2
  4. Block Final: Bf
Block C
  1. Round 1: C1, C5, C9 C2, C6, C10 C3, C7, C11 C4, C8, C12
  2. Round 2: C2-1 C2-2 C2-3 C2-4
  3. Round 3: C3-1 C3-2
  4. Block Final: Cf
Block D
  1. Round 1: D1, D5, D9 D2, D6, D10 D3, D7, D11 D4, D8, D12
  2. Round 2: D2-1 D2-2 D2-3 D2-4
  3. Round 3: D3-1 D3-2
  4. Block Final: Df
Block E
  1. Round 1: E1, E5, E9 E2, E6, E10 E3, E7, E11 E4, E8, E12
  2. Round 2: E2-1 E2-2 E2-3 E2-4
  3. Round 3: E3-1 E3-2
  4. Block Final: Ef
Block F
  1. Round 1: F1, F5, F9 F2, F6, F10 F3, F7, F11 F4, F8, F12
  2. Round 2: F2-1 F2-2 F2-3 F2-4
  3. Round 3: F3-1 F3-2
  4. Block Final: Ff
Block G
  1. Round 1: G1, G5, G9 G2, G6, G10 G3, G7, G11 G4, G8, G12
  2. Round 2: G2-1 G2-2 G2-3 G2-4
  3. Round 3: G3-1 G3-2
  4. Block Final: Gf
Block H
  1. Round 1: H1, H5, H9 H2, H6, H10 H3, H7, H11 H4, H8, H12
  2. Round 2: H2-1 H2-2 H2-3 H2-4
  3. Round 3: H3-1 H3-2
  4. Block Final: Hf

Quarter Final 1: Result
Quarter Final 2: Result
Quarter Final 3: Result
Quarter Final 4: Result

Semi Final 1: Result
Semi Final 2: Result

Final: Result

Voting instruction

Code generator:

Current voting thread:
アニメ最萌トーナメント2008 投票スレRound237

Schedule of main tournament
08/13drawing for the main tournament
08/18-08/251st rounds, part 1(8 days)
08/27-09/071st rounds, part 2(12 days)
09/09-09/201st rounds, part 3(12 days)
09/22-09/292nd rounds, part 1(8 days)
10/01-10/082nd rounds, part 2(8 days)
10/10-10/173rd rounds(8 days)
10/19-10/22block finals(4 days)
10/23drawing for the final rounds
10/25-10/28quarter finals(4 days)
10/30-10/31semi finals(2 days)
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