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Originally Posted by Aporia View Post
kana = かな(P); かなあ (prt) (1) I wonder (sentence ending prt); (2) should I? (question prt when thinking out loud); is it?; (3) I wish that (with a negative); I hope that; (P) [Ex][G][GI][S][A][W] [G][GI][S][A]
(1) 肘が痛むんだよ。病院に行こうかな。 My elbow really hurts. I guess I should go to a hospital.
(2) えーと、パン粉は有ったかな? Hmm, did we have some breadcrumbs?
(3) あのラジオをとめてくれないかなぁ。 I wish they would turn off the radio.

So I guess Rena is usually it in the "I hope" way... "Will you, will you" would be more literally "I hope that you will, I hope that you will"?
Rena uses it in the 'I wonder' way. Ex: "Are you really afraid, kana kana?" = "I wonder if you are really afraid, I wonder." OR "Are you really afraid, I wonder", etc.
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