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This thread needs more animation tutorials

How to make a flying object in the wind


Difficulty: easy--medium (you should have basic knowledge of animations)
Time: several minutes


Step 1: Choose your existing image you want to animate. I'll show this on a pure black background for better view.

Step 2: Download or create brushes you want to animate. In this tutorial perfect thigs are either a feather, piece of paper, leaves, cherry blossom leaves, flowers ... or even baseball balls!

I'll just choose a feather here, since I've done some thing like this in the past

Step 3: Start the animation by putting the object on the side you want it to start. For better quality, you only should put a half of the object on the layer.

Step 4: Now create a dozen of layers on which you will slowly move the object to the center.

Alternative, from Isley:

Create two frames. For the second frame move the feather to the point where you want to have it, (here: short before of the circle the feather makes). Mark the two frames and press "tween" then tell it how many layers...
Same for the rest after the circle.
If there are more layers it will save a lot of time and there's not the problem that one of the feathers can be out of line. So you can do a smotther animation with even less effort.

Step 5: Now we will do a circle animation to add a nice and unique touch. When you reach the center, or the point on which you want to start the cirle, duplicate the last layer before that. Now press CTRL + T (Free Transformation) and rotate the object up.

Step 6: Use the above step to complete the circle with other layers.

Step 7: Now we're at the end. Just do what you did at the begining, but instead of moving the object to the center, move it to the end of the image.

Step 8: Piece the layers together, add a good delay and you should get something like this:

Remember, the more layers and less distance between the layers equals a more smoother animation.


You can do this animation with everything you find suitable, you just need a different brush. Maybe you even want to animate a baseball ball outtricking the striker so he would miss

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