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More animation!

Animated background - music beats


Difficulty: easy--medium (you should have basic knowledge of photoshop/animations)
Time: several minutes


I'll show you a quick tutorial on how to make this style animated background:


Step 1: First of all we will make a new pattern. As an example, I will make a 30 10 px background, fill it with cyan colour and make a white border. Remember you can choose any colour because later you can always change it.

Step 2: To complete the patern, simply select the image you just made and go to Edit > Define Patern and just choose a name for it.

Step 3: Since our pattern is 30 10, we have to make a fitting layer on which we will apply it. Create a new image and choose the size 120 80. Now select your paint bucket tool and choose pattern on the top. If you don't know where to choose patterns, click here. Fill your image with the patter we created earlier. You should get something like this:

Step 4: We have our basic layer done, so lets move to the animation. Grab the magic wand tool and start selecting the cyan boxes. Generally you should select a different number of boxes in each collum starting from top to bottom. Once you have selected some of them, fill them with white.

Step 5: Now duplicate the layer and lets repeat the above step, but this time we will choose a white box above where you finished in your previous step. Fill the new boxes with your chosen colour, mine is cyan.

Step 6: Use the above 2 steps on as many layers as you want. Then create new frames and select 1 layer on each frame. The time delay between layers should be 0,1s. You should get something like this

Step 7: The animation is done, from here on you can spice up the sig as you want. For example, you can add another pattern layer, change the perspective, etc. This is my finished pruduct


You can do this animation with everything you find suitable, just change the patterns. Hopefully this tutorial was helpful and gave you new ideas to experiment with animation.

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