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Weapon flash part II: Reflection


Difficulty: medium (you should have read Weapon flash part I: Render )
Time: several minutes


This is what we'll be doing in this part:

You will be able to do a unique reflection using the flash tehnique from part I.


Step 1: Open your previous flash weapon animation document. Find a suitable image to put on the weapon. Like my chibby Suigintou who faces Stinku

Step 2: Make a new layer for the new image. Select the weapon again, but this time we will be pasting the new image in it, instead of the gradient found in part I. You should get something like this:

Step 3: Duplicate the new image the number of times for each flash frame. Each frame now has the new image (Stinku) but set them to invisible until the flash reaches the new image. At that point, grab the eraser and erase everything on the right side of the flash (save one original for the second part). You will get something like this:

Step 4: You should have the idea what we're going to do. So on to the next layer. Again, erase everything on the right side of the flash. Continue this to the end. Once the flash is pass the image point, leave one image visible:

Step 5: Half way done. On the second part, duplicate all of the frames till now. Before I mentioned to save one original image of Stinku, move that image and set it as the last layer. Duplicate it a number of times and repeat step 3 and 4 but this time we will erase everything on the left side.

Step 6: Complete the this side - what you did in step 4, but again on the left side.

Step 7: Now animate both sides where we erased the image and we should get something like this:

Step 8: Next your imagination and spice up the sig as you want. This was my finished product: Shinku! En garde!


And we're done ^_^
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