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Originally Posted by corporeality View Post
, you didn't understand why I linked the tv tropes page..
Uh.. yeah I did. It's why I replied the way I did...Because I understood but you did not. The difference is I just said it straight out and you veiled your’s
I am a going to edit your original quote to show you…

Originally Posted by corporeality View Post
Y Okay! Now that I know that to you, the entirety of Bleach equates to the Ichigo/Rukia love story, I can now... do absolutely nothing about it! .
Un no...If you read my past posts you would see. I said that the even without the Romantic theme. Bleach's foundation is built on the relationship of two people...Everything that happened to Ichigo up until now. (Barring his mother's death) is because Ichigo met Rukia. (That means there are going to be Rukia-centric things in Ichigo’s life)If he had not...He would have died. (Fishbone D would have eaten him). There would be no Bleach. Orihime still wouldn’t get with him...End of story.
I just happen to see the romance because it's a Shounen, Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, and Romance Manga and Anime. Romance is not the main theme…but it’s a big part of it. Many men enjoy romance as much as women. Just because it’s a boys Manga does not men Romance can’t be part of it.
Originally Posted by corporeality View Post
THIS is why brought up his mother. Because his mother was his WORLD and you now seem to think Rukia has that spot. Rukia is important to Ichigo, the one who changed his world, you know this, right?
You are free to do so, but you could have done so without the snide comments. Was that really necessary?
I am just confused at why you brought it up. At least to me anyway…
I agree that Ichigo's mother was his world. She was, as he put it..."The center of his entire family's world" "WAS" is also past tense.
“Became” is present/future…

At no time have you ever seen me compare Rukia or Orihime to any member of his family. That’s ludicrous. I may disagree that He treats Rukia like a sister and say he treats Orihime more like an acquaintance. You can’t compare familial love to the love one has for a lover, loved one, true love …whatever you want to call it.
Never have I compared either one of them to the love he had for his mother. That’s his mother no one could replace her in his heart. There are different kinds of love.

I find the idea of him liking Rukia or Orihime because they remind him of his mother rather Freudian and personally it creeps me out.
I have never compared Ichigo’s relationships with anyone but Rukia, Orihime since they are both the major subject of this thread and because you have to… once you do, it should be obvious the Ichigo loves Rukia. I don’t think Orihime is necessary to see it, but she the number informer of IchiRuki’s existence.

I also compare Rukia and Orihime to Ichigo’s relationship to Chad because is arguably the closest person to Ichigo out of all his friends ( barring Rukia) I mean he’s vowed to die for Chad. Rukia’s relationship is often likened to his relationship with Chad and some regard it as being on the same level.
But I never mention his mother (for reasons stated above) his father, or his sisters.

It goes without saying he loves them, he’d die for them, that is feelings for them are unlike they are for anyone else. That’s family…what made you think I thought otherwise? I never mention them or likened Rukia or Orihime to any member of his family. Just thought you should know this so you would be clear on where I stand. This way you wouldn’t argue with me about things I never said or thought in the first place.

If I am making a comparison it’s about Rukia, Chad, Orihime, and occasionally Renji. That’s It! You can have more than one dear friend but you can’t deny that majority of the time you are closer to one more than all the others.
Originally Posted by corporeality View Post
It's kinda sad that Ichigo's other friends and most especially his family (his whole reason for being a part-time Shinigami, you know?) She is, however, NOT his entire world, and if manga canon is to be believed (which it should be, considering it's the original source), he actually CAN manage to live without her.
Spoiler for savin space:

Originally Posted by corporeality View Post
LOL. I was gonna post an essay-like paragraph regarding this point but I'm just too busy laughing <<< Stating the obvious. Yeah my posts are long. You agree or disagree. You could state your point with the snide comments.
. It's kinda sad that Ichigo's other friends and most especially>>> his family (his whole reason for being a part-time Shinigami, you know?) are relegated to second fiddle for his undying love of Rukia. His mother, even <<<,Your assumption I never said any such thing

>>>Hey, man, feel free to ship whatever you want, but to make Rukia the center of Ichigo's life is showing a great deal of misunderstanding regarding his character.<<What I said that “IN THAT MOMENT. Rukia’s life became the most important. Even though he deeply cares about Chad”
In SS arc he was willing to risk everyone to save one person. Not so in HM arc.

>>>! I was pretty sure his most intense thoughts and feelings were about his mother, but this reading is clearly wrong.<< Except for one. The others are indirectly related to her because Rukia is the one who eased the pain of his mother’s death. His deepest thoughts are either thanking, Rukia for easing his pain. Musing over “The reason” he wanted to save her so badly; swearing on his soul that he’d save her. “Choosing to go to her over friend he vowed he die for”…
He is pretty deep about his mother. However I meant out of Rukia and Orihime<-- again subject of the thread.

I'm sure a lot of people tend to focus on their ship alone when in the throes of shipping squee but, really. >>This is ICHIGO we're talking about. For a shounen hero, he's too opaque and making him romance-centered when he's clearly not is a gross caricature of how Kubo wrote him.<< Not romantic?! I disagree you know..What do you call this…
Spoiler for Sir Ichigo:

You're excessive use of capslock has completely made me believe your posts<<< I have to do that sometimes. I keep getting hit with condescending posters like you who decide I believe one thing. post arguments and are really snide over something that has you in a tizzy… When I have said the exact opposite MORE THAN ONCE Or in some cases NOT AT ALL. Since some people can’t understand that. I FIND I HAVE TO DO THAT FROM TIME TO TIME SO THEY WILL GET IT!

. >>>As people more intelligent than I have said more succinctly before: if you scream it loud enough, then it is true.<<< I should be flattered by this? You might as well have said …”I am as dumb as a bucket of rocks” and a rambling idiot on top of that. If that is so than for you to read it, then comment on it especially since you find it funny and sad … and all but said I am a braying jackass. For you to even take the time and try and reason with, point out the “fundamental flaw” in my arguments…Doesn’t make you look much wiser than me. If you disagree that’s fine. But the insults are not necessary…Especially since I wasn’t talking to you in the first place.
Not all of Ichigo's behavior and actions are Rukia-centric. However his mental well-being, and a lot of his life altering decisions was based on or achieved directly because of her. When it comes to his friends, HIS FRIENDS…Rukia comes first in his heart. A span of a few hours is not going to change it. Nor is there anything wrong with that. He’s human after all. It just shows that she’s that important to him. This is why I say Orihime doesn’t have shot in hell.

P.S. I didn’t understand the
“Take out the Hueco Mundo arc” and he’d be living without her.”
Um she lives with him in the HM arc. They are just away from home right now. The only time she didn't live with him was the brief time she stayed in SS.
o.O What did you mean by that?

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