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Old photograph look.

It's tutorial time.

Making a picture look like an old photograph in Photoshop.

First of all you'll need 2 brush-sets for photoshop.
I used these two.
Grunge Scratches by *ro-stock
Coffee Stains Photoshop Brush by ~Divinity-bliss
Any similar will do.

This is what we're after.

First select an image, desaturate it and adjust levels to your liking. Make sure that the layer is not locked and create a new layer below the picture layer and fill it with very light gray. It will be used for the border of the image.

Create oval selection in the middle of the picture. Width of the selection should be about the width of the image and height about one and half times larger. Feather the selection by approximately 15-25 pixels and invert it. Then adjust levels so that the edges of the picture darken significantly.

Select all, contract the selection by about 5-10 pixels depending on how wide border you want to create, feather the selection by about 3-4 pixels, invert selection and delete this selection from the picture layer.

Add noise to the picture layer with Filter->Noise->Add Noise. Make sure that it's monochromatic. Then just use options to your liking.

Tint the shadows bluish. I did this with variations tool by adding blue to shadows.

Now create an adjustment layer for levels. Adjust levels so that shades become very bleached.

Mask the adjustment layer to your liking. If you want authenticity concentrate the lightened areas on lighter areas near the edges.

Now add an adjustment layer for hue and saturation. Select colorize and make the image yellowish brown.

Mask the hue and saturation adjustment layer to your liking. If authenticity is what you're after mask around darker areas of the picture so that they're more bluish than the lighter areas.

Create a new layer and add some scratches to it using brushes mentioned earlier. I used very light gray for the scratches, overlay blending mode for the layer and 50% layer opacity.

Now the jagged edges. Select the border layer. Create selection that's sightly smaller than the layer. I first selected all and then contracted it by 5 pixels. Now add Layer mask to the layer. Doing this masks out 5 pixel border of the image. You can also just create the layer mask and then add 5 pixel black stroke to the mask if you don't want to play around with selections. Then use Filter->Pixelate->Crystallize filter to the mask. I used cell size 3.

Create a new layer and add some brown coffee stains using a brush. Load selection out of the border layer, add stroke to the border layer to make the border more visible. I used the same brown color than with the coffee stain and 50% opacity. Invert selection and delete selection form the scratch-layer and the coffee stain layer and you're done.

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