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Creating a beach


Difficulty: easy
Time: 1-5 minutes


Since it's summer time - and this SotM is about seasons, I thought why not showing people how to make an easy and good looking beach. I found a familiar tutorial some time ago, but it was so poorly written that I didn't understand the most imporant part so now I decided to write one myself - an easy one

Here's what we'll have at the end:


Step 1: Make a new document, prefered semi large because you can always cut it later. I'll be using 500 500 px.

Step 2: Use a light blue foreground and darker blue background colours. My foreground was #4372aa and background #1c3a8b. Now go to filter > render > clouds

Spoiler for step2:

Step 3: Now we will make the sea. Go to filter > render > fibers. Adjust the Variance to 14,0 and Strength to 7,0

Spoiler for step3:

Step 4: Duplicate the layer and set the blending mode to Screen. You can also play around with opacity to get the colour you want.

Step 5: At this point we already have the sea done. So if you wan't to use the sea alone, you can do it. But we want more! Now comes the tricky part which at first I didn't understand. Choose your gradient tool and from the Gradient Picker, select the Chrome preset. Next edit this gradient (click on the gradient itself)

Spoiler for step 5:

Step 6: In the Editor delete the Colour Stop #52%, adjust the Colour Stop #64 to a lighter colour (I used #F9E2A3) and then move the #64% Colour Stop to a higher position, to #78%. Click the bellow image if you have trouble with it.

Spoiler for step 6:

Step 7: Now use this gradient on the layer and drag it from around center to bottom.

Spoiler for step 7:

Step 8: Mess with the opacity and we're done! Our result should look something like seen at the top:

Spoiler for step 8:


Now grab some renders and make a beach signature
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