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Video Vector tutorial with PSD

I made this about a week or two ago for a other place. And finally got around fixing some minor things and bothered posting it.

Added shadow and right ear shading, which i forgot in the video, but added it after in the psd. This is a rough version of how to vector, you will need more time to make the thickness of the outlines more consistent, as well as choosing the right colors. I didn't do that in the tutorial seeing it would take to much time. The video is 200% of original speed. So the vector took me 40 min, the video is only 20min.

You should understand it from just watching the video. But if you don't the additional info here should be enough.

After watching the tutorial you should be able to make any kind of vectors.

Video info:
Video: MP4 encoded with h.264. 15fps, 235 Kbps.
Total size video: 63MB

Remember this is one of the ways to make a vector. There are many more ways, and some might be more effective than this.

Also i would like to thank innominate who helped me a lot when i was doing my first vector.

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