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Abstract Sig Tutorial

Abstract Background Signature Tutorial

Hello there! This is my second tutorial (my first tutorial can be found here). In this tutorial I will try to explain to you how to create a signature with an abstract background. This tutorial is intended for beginners. The purpose of this tutorial is to make you understand, or at least have the pictures, about how to create a signature with abstract background. However, please note that I'm not that good with Photoshop, and this is actually the first time I'm creating such signature with a technique I've figured out myself, so please forgive me if this tutorial failed to make you satisfied.

After finishing this tutorial, you should be able to create a signature similiar like this :

Before we started, you will need the following application :
  • Adobe Photoshop, I'm using the CS3 version but I guess it's ok with most versions...
  • Apophysis, a software that you can use to generate a random flame fractals. You can get it here. It's free!
Or you can also use GIMP to generate the flame fractals (Filter > Render > Flame...) or maybe even the whole process, but I don't recommend that since GIMP does not have the Layer Style feature, which plays an important role in this tutorial. But, If you can do the workaround in GIMP, please feel free to do that and if you don't mind... please tell me how to do it too!

Okay, enough with all of those foreword, let's begin the tutorial. Open your Photoshop and other supporting programs so you can work well (ex: WinAMP, I can't do well without music...).

Spoiler for Tutorial:
Okay, everbody. That's end my second tutorial. I hope this tutorial can be any of use for you. If you have any questions, comments, or whatever for this tutorial, you can post it on my thread or just private message me. See you next time!

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