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Premise: The first episode was just as I expected it to be and so it was really enjoyable.

But! I regret to say that the intro and ending songs are, imo, just rubbish; and lately there haven't been any jazz songs that were a little bit enjoyable, the recent Code-E is no exception, the only one who managed to achieve his goal with this kind of music is Baccano!, and we have to go back to Bebop (I think) for other good examples of jazz music in animes.
However this doesn't undermine the series, in fact, there a lot of good sides, such as: the animation, which I think was pretty good (given the studio) and the characters. Ryouko is beautiful woman in career, she knows what she wants, plus she is smart and cunning, I love the way she does her job, a little laid-back but she doesn't miss anything; Junichirou at first sight seems an average subordinate, but he knows how to kick ass too, they sure are a good pair.
About the story: it seems this series will be episodic and if the other episodes are like the first, it will be a good watch on this side too. It might become like Himitsu or Golgo 13, which are two awesome series to alternate with other more complicate ones.
I'll be sure to follow this until the end.
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