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House of Borgia is one of the most important familial clans on Mid-Childa. It have monopoly over the interdimensional commerce, importing and exporting everything, from raw materials to manufactured goods, in the TSAB's sphere of political, econimical and administrative influence.
It's also one of houses that hold the most influence in Mid-Childa's political and administrative spheres. The average Mid-Childian often joke about how it can be hard to get in the TSAB's highest ranks unless you are backed up by a Borgia, and if so, the Borgia have likely plans for you. It's also one of the houses that have made the rampant nepotism in the TSAB a current practice.


The history of the House of Borgia on Midchilda has started about three centuries ago when a young terran alchemist, Giosuč Borgia better known as Joshua Borgia, member of the infamous House of Borgia in Italy, has been caught himself in a spatial distortion, resulting from an experiment that has gone wrong during his stay in the Germanic Holy Roman Empire.

Sheltered by the locals of this unknown world where he found himself trapped in, he pretty much made a living in this territory that was a protectorate of the Belkan Reich. He married, used his skill in commerce and political intrigue to climb the social ladder, has childs, then disappeared under mysterious circumstances; leaving books of economy and politics, and a large wealth for his descendants who made it flourish over the decades and generations.

One thing the Borgia can be credited for would be their political abilities. They has managed to survive not only the treacherous politics of the protectorate, but also the turmoil that were the result of the secession of Midchilda from the Belkan empire, the Great War and the rise of the TSAB. People said it was mostly thanks to their underhanded methods, duplicity or their own intelligence gathering resources. It's true to various degree.

Over the years, the clan has split into dozens of minor families born from the various marriages of the members of the House with the local nobility of the worlds under the TSAB's influence. Against most of speculations of the specialists, it was far from weakening the clan, for the minor branches has remained fiercely loyal to the main family, and is still carrying on the political directives given by the head of the clan.

While they are mainly a political and economical power, it doesn't mean that the Borgia has not given valuable mages or soldiers. They has produced great magicians or warriors, but those were often tainted by the shady reputation of the House. The TSAB indeed estimated that having a Borgia as public figure would be really bad for the tSAB's public image.

Customs of the Borgia

Their upbringing feature a painful, and often cruel to the outsiders, darwinian social selection. Treachery and backstabbing are allowed or even encouraged. Those who fails are stuck to the lower ranks or menial jobs. Those who has managed to resist such treatment or has survived it via various means are allowed to pass a ritual to mark their entry into adulthood.
The result of this ritual of coming of age is a tattoo located above the bellybutton, representing a red rose over a radiating black Cross of Saint Peter.

It's seen as a sign of shame for a Borgia to not receive the tattoo.

A birthday or marriage or coming of age will always be celebrated by very large familia gathering. You can expect everyone from the youngest child to the eldest woman, and the brother to the fourth degree cousin, to attend the celebration. And this also applies to funerals. This may have something to do with the italian origins of the clan.

The Borgia has kept a secret language that is actually a Renaissance Italian idiom bastardized with latin and midchildian languages. A modern day Italian who made it in Midchilda would very likely not understand it.

Everyday with a Borgia

It's hard to tell if the friendship of a Borgia is sincere. When you get the attention of one, he or she'll get you favors with various degree of obvious, it could be gifts, a slight increase in your income, a better place in a restaurant, or an unexpected protection. It often mean that he or she make sure that you owe them something, and have likely plans for you, in their own interests. However, it can happen that the friendship from a Borgia is the sincere kind, anyone who has this luck has found a valuable friend.

More than honor or courage, a Borgia values loyalty above everything. It depend to what extent a Borgia is loyal to his/her clan, the organization that employ them, Midchilda or their homeworld, or their friends. In the name of this loyalty, a Borgia can go to any lenght to prevail.

Notable members of the clan as for today

Giacolone Borgia

Spoiler for Picture:

The current head of the clan, his predecessor and father having succumbed to a brain stroke. He is in his mid 40s even tho he look younger.

He lives up to the reputation and expectations of his clan, artfully maneuvering in the political and economical fields of the Midchilda circles and its zone of influence.

He is also rumored to be a high caliber summoner. His personal guard may even be creatures of outside worlds or outerplanes.

Giuseppe Borgia

Spoiler for Picture:

Son of Giacolone, he is a TSAB enforcer who quickly climbed the ranks of the hierarchy of the Enforcer branch, to the point that he is now pretty close to the co-director (nobody has ever seen the director). In the long run, he plan to take over the enforcer department, he knows that his maneuvers may draw unwanted attention from the "great heroes" of the enforcer department, Fate and Teana. But he has patience.

He mostly doesn't care about the fierce competition running in the clan. Or it looks like he doesn't.

He master the mid-childian style and has magical affinity with the illusions, on an equal level to Teana.

Fiorenza Borgia

Spoiler for Picture:

An oddball in the Clan, she has managed to keep most of her ideals intact. The hardships of her upbringing has cost her one eye. She has gained a deep-rooted hate for most of her family members.

She also joined the TSAB but is working more in the administration and public relations departments, keeping an ear and an eye in the higher spheres of the bureau. She is often seen with the members of the Intelligence department or the Enforcers department.

Two years before the events of StrikerS, she has met Hayate Yagami and has taken a liking on her, having grown a protective instinct over the meister of the Wolkenritters. This liking and will to protect has mostly changed into a romantic interest of the platonic kind over Yagami. She is now trying to protect Hayate from the maneuvers of her own clan, now that she have found who she is the most loyal to.

Fiorenza is a summoner who can call ethereal or elemental beings to do her biding.


The dirty secrets

Spoiler for spoilertastic material:

The inspirations

The first question I asked myself was "Would Midchilda have a dirty and ugly side?". when I see the ruins and read about the corruption in the TSAB, it's a big YES.

The name is taken from the infamous Italian family. While the italian mafia would be the main inspiration, there are also the Scorpion clan from Legend of the Five Rings, the House Harkonnen from Dune, and the Clan Giovanni from Vampire the Masquerade. My read of Vampire RPG and Fading Suns sourcebook has rubbed on me.

Before you jump on my throat because of the cross of Saint Peter, keep in mind that it remind the Clan of its Italian roots, and the Roman Catholicism associated with the mentionned roots.
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