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Maybe they're not bad shows, but I just can't bring myself to like them. When I end up fast forwarding stuff, usually I won't be watching for much longer.

Full Metal Panic I've heard nothing but positive reviews from this show. All my friends that watched it seemed to view it as a gift from above and said to me that if there was only one anime to watch, that's gotta be it. The songs were probaly one of the best anime themes I've heard, so how could you go wrong? Anyhow I didn't really get around watching it until lately and the first episode seemed ok, but then it seemed to go downhill and I think there was a plot involving robots or something, but I didn't even give a damn anymore. The characters really do much beyond their one line description. Sosuke's really serious, and Kaname gets mad and hurts him a lot. Yes, and?? I did watch some of the second season, and it seemed more entertaining though. At least I was laughing.
Blah, another anime based on a dating sim thingy? Well, Air was very good. Clannad does have good animation and a catchy theme song. However, for some reason, I can't watch more than 5 minutes of this. I've tried at least half a dozen times, but it just didn't work. Maybe the later episodes are better? I sorta feel the same way about Kanon as well.

D.Gray. Man I can't remember a damned thing about the show. Except that I stopped watching it. A pity though, the premise did seem pretty cool. :/

I don't really hate this one, but Kaiji didn't really get to me, or at what it seemed to be hyped up to be. Akagi despite the show being about Mahjong, still managed to keep me interested. The first episodes of Kaiji were cool and the background music was nice. It seemed like it would be great, with pointy noise action and all. However, I had a rather hard time taking the whole thing seriously and it may have created unintended laughter which is not good if you're supposed to be feeling sorry for them. It just got way over the top. Still, the show was redeemable until near the end when I was just like "WTF?" and it just ruined the whole thing for me, and once again i was unable to give a damn.
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