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Gundam Seed 2 to Replace Inuyasha
According to a post on the Japanese Super Robot Taisen BBS, Sunrise Studios announced yesterday that the Inuyasha TV series will conclude in September and be replaced in October by Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 2. The first report on Gundam Seed 2 will appear in an unspecified Japanese anime magazine next month.

There is a translation error here. The original Japanese text on the "Now airing Robot-Anime discussion thread, Episode 65" thread reads as follows:

今日サンライズの会社説明会行ってきたけど説明映像や担当の人の話から二つ三つ情報をゲットしてきますた。 説明映像の中でのガンダムSEED~虚空の戦場~の所のテロップが「2004年3・7月放送」になってた。 再放送かはたまた3~4クールの総集編か。SEED2の情報はマジ。10月放送開始の予定で現在制作中。俺 らに流すぐらいだから来月のアニメ雑誌には第一報が載るだろう。あと犬夜叉が9月で終わるそうな。余談だが SEEDでのサンライズの儲かりっぷりはマジで凄かったらしい(過去最高)。前年度の売り上げは90億を越 えてプロデューサーと監督は土地と家が買えるほどの成功報酬を貰ったとか。

Today, I went to Sunrise's corporate information seminar* and I was able to get several infos from the promotional video and the promoter. First, the video for the "GundamSEED~kokuu no senjou" (TV special) had the telop that read "March & July 2004." Its assumable that the next re-run [TV-special compilation] will be for the third and fourth quarter installments. As for the rumors about SEED2, it's true. They are aiming for an October release and are in they are currently in the developmental stages as I speak. Since they are able to tell this to me, I assume this news will be told in the next month's issues of anime magazines. Oh, and also, it looks like "Inuyasha" will end on September. On a side note, SEED seemed to have raked in the highest profit that Sunrise has ever seen. Last year's profit earnings went over 9,000,000,000 yen (~USD$90 million) and that both the producer and the director were able to get enough royalties to buy a piece of land and a nice house.

*April is "new students/new employee" season in Japan. Assume that this corporate informational seminar was for prospective employees that sent in their hiring-applications to Sunrise.

My assumption: I could care less. As much as I liked "Gundam SEED," I am in the first-Gundam generation. If true, cool. If not, I still have other animes to watch.
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