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Klan kind of reminds me of Washu in a few of those pics. A mix between Washu and Aisha...

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There is your opinion but I beg you acknowledge those who were greatly surprised at episode 6, me included.

You remember I said "imperfect information." As long as Ranka's real age keeps sceret, she fits any requirements you listed for lolita. She looks underaged, she behaves underaged, she is aware of sex (more or less). Ranka is not lolita, but she is a lolita replica. If there is a guy doesn't know she is a replica but likes her because he thinks she is a real lolita, he is a lolicon. Do I make it clear? or should I bring up some loli-like adults from hentai games as examples? It doesn't necessarily require one liking a loli to qualify a lolicon.
A delusional or ignorant lolicon does not make Ranka a loli.
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