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Hi there, my nick name here on Anime Suki is mangalowres
and those are my Avatars.
I know that I am still a newb and that my skills are not that great (more poor than great)
but I will try my best to show you some more or less good Avatars.

As you will see there are a couple of Avatars with the same frameset
because I still have some problems with the time flow therefore I present you all of my try's.
Furthermore I changed often the first Avatar that you could choose which picture other will see if you post on someones Visitor Page here.
Please comment them and tell me what do you think.

I reached the character limit of this post today(21.10.2008) and I had to reorganize the entry post.

That first one here is Sam the Sheepdog, it was my first Avatar and I have it since 2001.

And here are my animemated Avatars :

Spoiler for Avatars from Earl and Fairy / Hakushaku to Yousei::

Spoiler for Avatars from Koihime†Musou::

Spoiler for Avatars from Slayers Revolution::

Spoiler for Avatars from Skip Beat!:

Spoiler for Avatars from Tales of the Abyss:


If you think something is moe, use this Moe-Meter and make it clear.

New version of the MOE-Meter, the MOE-Meter 2.5

Thanks to sekidousai for the transparency

mangalowres proudly presents:

sekidousai was the instigator for this new tool
Thanks for this idea.

And thanks to sekidousai now with transparent backgroung
Version 1.1:

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