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Night Scene Tutorial

Hello again! This is my third tutorial and I hope you all don't get bored with me. Anyway, this time we will learning about how to create a night background scene with stars and moon on it. The step of making the stars here is something that I've referenced from Greg Martin's amazing star field tutorial that I've simplify and modified it to fit the needs. I'd actually want to repeat all of those words I've said in my previous tutorial, but I think it's pointless to do so now... So let's just get started.

After finishing this tutorial, you should be able to create something like this :

The application needed now is only Adobe Photoshop, note that there will be some issues if you don't use the CS3 version, but, don't worry, I'll point it all and explain the workaround in older version of Adobe Photoshop.

As usual, the before-first step is to open Photoshop and any other necessary applications...
Spoiler for Tutorial:
And we're done! Congratulations! Well, it's not exactly match my example but I hope you now get the picture on how draw a night scene by using Adobe Photoshop. Now you can add more effects such as text and borders to spice up your sigs. Here, I'm using an outer glow layer style to the render to hide the white artifacts stated on step 3 note and added some text and my "trademark" fading white border.

Well, that's end my third tutorial here. Thanks for your attention and as usual, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a private messages to me or post it on my thread. See you next time on my next tutorial! ...maybe...

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