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The September Animedia article has a good interview with Kawamori about the last part of the series. The best part I think is the 10 questions session. Here are some partial translations (the translations are very rough, so I apologize for any inaccuracies in advance. I'll edit it in full once I have a chance to double check tonight):

Q1: As we are approaching the end of the series, what hints can you give us?

Going straight to the finale? No no. There are another couple twists and turns coming, and every week is going to be very exciting, so please keep on watching.

Q2: Alto x Ranka X Sheryl, which way is the love triangle going?

There will be highs and lows for both Ranka and Sheryl fans as the story move forward, but Alto is kinda dense. However, once Alto figures out how he really feels, expect it to move in a big way.

Q3: In light of all the heavy battles, are we going to have character deaths?

Well, it'd be nice to have all the characters surviving through the end. However, this is a story with heavy battles.... So if your favorite character dies, and please cry for him/her and I will also cry.

Q4: From here on out, which characters should we pay special attention to?

From here on out, all the characters have major changes ahead of them. Each of them will choose their own fate through their free will. So please watch everyone carefully.

Q5: At the end, is Alto going to choose to be an Kabuki actor or a pilot?

Hmmm.. <laugh> If I tell you, it'd ruin all the fun in the finale. No comment.

Q6: Is playboy Michael going find a steady girlfriend?

No comment <sweating>. Everyone can use their imagination. Is it going to work out? Will Michael find true love? Please continue to watch with anticipation.

Q7: Is the day where we get to know Barera's true self coming?

Of course it's coming.

Q8: What's going to happen to the rivalry between Alto and Brera?

Once Brera's true story is revealed, Alto will have to react to it. Use common sense to think about what might happen, those two won't get along. However, as the story goes on, things might change.

Q9: Is Luka going have an active role?

Luca has many difficulties ahead of him. I feel a little sorry for him. Please support him in his quest for happiness.

Q10: Are we going to see more of the adult characters (Ozma and co.)?

Of course, they are in a different position then Alto's group by investigating the conspiracy behind the Vajra war. There are some surprising confrontations coming up. Please look forward to it.



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