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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
And it is nice that we get a medical discussion about what the type V infection really is ( I am left wondering that, too ), but the question I was asking was "Why didnīt Sheryl get the side-effects more often, if she has been fed Witchcraft 639 for six years as "supplements"?".
Actually a plausible explanation of this would be one of two things. One there was an active ingredient that negated the worst of the side effects that is no longer in the mix because Grace simply removed it from the combination. Two, Sheryl has developed a resistances to the drug which happens with humans all the time. Sometimes we even develop allergies to drugs for no apparent reason.

Ack... thereīs another thing which could count as a plot-hole. When Ranka gets her "glowing belly-contractions" during the Vajra wipe-out, shouldnīt the whole military brass and everybody who had a feed of the transmission have seen that? Is that going to be handwaved like the "She emits fold-waves? How?" - "We donīt know."-"Oh, well then." thing from episode 16?
This may be a depiction of animators to show the audience (us) that something special is going on but it may not be visible to the other characters. It's like demonstrating that a person gets an idea by showing a light bulb over their head. No one else actually see the light bulb. It's a prop or alteration to help us the audience viewers. That's my assumption of it.

Now on to other interesting tidbits.
Spoiler Tag for large picture loads and spoilers for people who haven't see it yet.


Let the discussion begin. ^_^
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