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Blah, scrapped concepts reduced my introduction chapter to ashes, and I have little inspiration to think off a new one. Maybe I should just put the intro chapter post-StrikerS. I could think of something then.

At any rate, thorough Rebuilt's are thorough. This one is supposed to be the last Rebuilt, as I am actually starting to write with this character now:

Rebuilt of Uomo Eden.

Spoiler for Eden:

Okay, after a second major Rebuilt, a small FAQ seems mandatory.

Q: Dwa? She? What?
A: Yeah, it was something that happened over time. The more I began developing her, the more ‘he’ became a ‘she’

Q: What about the name change?
A: Well, to tell you the truth, I never really liked the name Uomo. The only reason I used it was because it happened to the Italian translation for men. Since she is no longer one of the numbers, nor even a man, I could safely discard the name.

Q: Okay, so why Eden?
A: I spend the better part of a day trying to think up a good name. Scouring the internet, searching for Japanese names, searching for car names, the only name that popped up and stuck was Nova, which I think would cause a bit too much confusion, what with Eden’s appearance and all. After a full day of fruitless searching, I picked up my controller and started playing Mass Effect. After tearing through waves of Geth (HMWA X loaded with incendiary rounds? Oh hell yes! Die sparkly red deaths you synthetic bastards!) the name of the first planet, Eden Prime, gets somewhat bombarded into your skull. It stuck.

Q: And Acura?
A: Car name.

Q: You mentioned Nove, why does she look like Nove?
A: Because people keep confusing her. The original Uomo was based on Wendi, but people saw her as based on Nove. Then came the Nove fanart, and people were going ‘hey, its Uomo.’ When writing, another thing hit me. Remember when Subaru gets kicked into the wall by Nove during their first encounter? She immediately recognizes Nove as a Sentoukijin. Make of this whatever you will.

Q: Hey, you switched from melee to guns.
A: Yup.

Q: Why?
A: Because I wanted to make a gun wielder for some time now. With Eden’s rebuilt I had the perfect chance.

Q: You also switched from Belkan to mid.
A: ‘Cause I gave her guns. It also gives her and Teana a link besides ‘a friend of subaru’.

Q: … Nakajima’s, numbers, Teana, anyone she doesn’t have a link with?
A: Pretty much all of the Aces, the Wolkenritter, Erio, Caro, Lutecia, Vivio, Yuuno. She may know Accous, they’re both intel after all. And he might have met Fate once or twice recently, but she doesn’t know her beyond professional contact.

Q: What happened to NOD?
A: NOD was scrapped. It looked fine on the profile, but when I actually started to write the story, I ran into problems. The story was originally supposed to be about Eden’s struggle with his loyalty to NOD or the TSAB, with Cinque showing her that NOD’s words were nothing but lies. Now the problem is that Eden could have figured that a looong time before Cinque entered the fray. Heck, she worked in the TSAB for years. It made less sense the more sense I tried to make of it. In the end, it was scrapped. Unfortunately that also means the perfect introduction chapter is gone, but you can’t win them all.

Q: Your current back-story seems more Teana focused then Numbers focused.
A: *shrug* Eden is planned to be an SSX insert, so it will depend how large a role Ginga’s unit plays in that crisis how much the numbers will get involved. It also means that it'll be at the very least four more days before I can get down to actuall business.

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