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I'm not sure where to post this news, but...

At the "Eve of the Movie" event on August 10, Kazuki Nakashima revealed his newly written short story, "Viral's Sweet Dream." It was presented in manga format shown on slides, and the members of the cast who were there (excluding Leeron & Kittan's seiyuu I think) dubbed it over.

Yoko's seiyuu did the voice of Tsuuma (Viral's wife) and Boota's seiyuu did the voice of Memusu (his daughter). According to the Simon fan thread at 2ch, adult Simon appeared as a bartender in an alternate universe.

EDIT: I found more details on the Viral fan thread.

Most of the story is gag-based and involves Viral in several alternate universes.
-Student!Viral runs into student!Tsuuma with bread in his mouth and becomes shy towards her
-Viral tries to put the moves on Tsuuma who is a pianist at a bar
-Viral is a doting father to his daugher Memusu

I suppose one of those scenarios is what Nakashima meant when he said "Viral met his wife in a bar" in the Final Drill mook...

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