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Originally Posted by Secca
Is it still too small? everyone else seems big, what's a safe size that's big enough without getting nuked by Xris? ^^
The forum rules request the following.
  • Maximum imagewidth 500 pixels for all images combined.
  • Maximum imageheight 60 pixels (with maximum 2 lines of text in your signature) or 80 pixels (without any additional text in your signature) for all images combined.
  • Maximum filesize of 50000 bytes for all images combined.
  • Any annoying signature images (either because of animations or content) may be removed at the sole discretion of the administrator or moderators.
the signature rules above are loosely enforced. Basically this rule will give us the right to remove any image we deem inappropriate either because of size or content.

But, if you are willing to make a compromise on the filesize, then I don't mind if the vertical limits are doubled (to 120 pixels with accompanying text, or 160 pixels with no text) but only if you shrink the filesize to under 30,000 bytes.

So, normally 500 x 80 pixels and up to 50,000 bytes
or 500 x 160 pixels and under 30,000 bytes
(with no additional text or images in the sig).
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