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Styled Text

Styled Text

Since there have been a few inquiries about the text styling in couple of my sigs, it's tutorial time!
Try not to be too distracted by pantsu-shot. And I'm not listening to complaints, about how the sig utterly fails. It's text styling tutorial and I wasn't too inspired to get very artistic with it.

Voilá. Here's what we're after. There are a couple of features that are often forgotten to get there.

Let's start with an epic text fail.

It's unstyled all right.

The character palette is now your best friend.
Photoshop allows changing proportions, spacing alignment color, font etc. etc. of each character individually, so practically anything can be done using a single text layer, unless you want to use different layer effects or blending mode. However if you don't it's highly recommended to try using single layer as much as possible because it makes managing the blending and effects much easier.

Spoiler for size:

Options are:
Font family, font variant
font size, vertical spacing (leading)
kerning (distance between characters), horizontal spacing (tracking)
vertical and horizontal scaling
baseline shift... the rest are somewhat self explanatory.

As said these can be adjusted separately for each character so with some screwing around you can end up with something like this.

Font size of the leading character has been increased quite dramatically, font of the rest has been changed. Baseline of both "tyled" and "Text has been increased to fit them inside the S's horns, horizontal spacing of the "S" has been reduced quite dramatically and slightly for the rest of the text. And that's about it.

Couldn't find the fonts used in teh internetz as free downloads, so exact values will not be provided as they're very font specific.

Then the text layer has been tilted with free transform tool. Free transform is nothing to be feared with text, it scales styling almost perfectly and the text remains editable after transform.

It's still black... Boring...
If you use background layer for the basic coloring and place effect layers on it using blending modes such as burns, dodges or overlays, your life just got easy.

If it looks fine just by using basic overlay or something similar - good. But there are options if it looks messy.
In the "Blending Options" tab of layer effects palette, there's a "Knockout" option. What this does is it basically discards all other layers other than background layer in blending. Haven't been able to figure out the difference between "Shallow" and "Deep" options but maybe someone else can shed some light on that matter.

So I changed the color of the text to light orange, blending mode to overlay and knockout to shallow. Then added stroke and drop shadow. Done.

Here's a PSD for you to play around with. You'll probably learn more by studying it than reading this tutorial.

Rearranging layers changes the result quite a bit so experiment with it.
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