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May'n talked about the two new songs on her blog a bit. I translated it for my blog article, and I'll post it here as well:
“This duet with Nakajima Megumi-chan expresses the world view of Macross F. This song allowed me to use my best vocal range fully. My favorite part of that song is bridge before the last chorus (^ω^).

Amidst the intensity, it was the only sobbing part. I sang it while gritting my teeth on the lyrics. In this song, I included such feelings as ‘Sheryl’s emotions’ plus ‘May’n shall not rest yet!!’

Next is Northern Cross!! I was really surprised. Sheryl can be quite a rocker! Thanks to this song I was actual to power-up quite considerably. Even though it’s such an upbeat song, the lyrics are really say. Perhaps, different from a ballad (e.g. Diamond Crevasse), this is Sheryl at her most painful moments - pretending to be strong, when she’s struggling to not show her weakness. So when I sang it, rather than ‘carefully’ sing it, I sang it like I was shouting in tears. While this is mentioned on everyone’s comments, I am rather pleased with the ‘roar’ before the final chorus. The initial demo tape did not contain such a melody line, so I wondered if I could stretch my voice tidily. Then I thought, if I were driven into a corner like Sheryl, there’s no way I could sing tidily, so I basically tried to shout intensely while trying to stretch my voice.

During the recording of this song, Kanno-san (Kanno Youko) cheered ‘Sheryl-sama~!!’ many times. And when we were doing the part where the lyrics went ‘Kiete shimae’: ‘I understand!!!’ — by Kanno-san"
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