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Famous Hispanic and Brazilian Women: Real Life Counterparts of Michiko and Hatchin?

Originally Posted by ZODDGUTS View Post
Uh, latino? I think they mean latina unless she's actually a he.

Latino(a)/hispanic isn't a race but an ethnic group they can be either white, Indian (Native American), Asian or black, most latino/hispanics are mix though.

Michiko the older girl with the tanish skin color seems to be either a mix of white and Indian or white and black, looks to me their going for that Purito Rican type look White/Black. Though not sure what's up with the name Michiko.

Latin American female celebrities who have partial Japanese ancestry typically do not have Japanese first names: popular Uruguayan Mexican actress and model Barbara Mori (born in Montevideo, Uruguay* to father Yuyi Mori, a person of Japanese descent, and mother Rosario Ochoa, but has lived in Mexico most of her life); Brazilian supermodel Aline Nakashima; Brazilian supermodel Juliana Imai; Brazilian actress and television host Daniele Suzuki; Brazilian model and reality star Sabrina Sato; and so on.

(Click on links above to see pics of these famous part-Japanese latinas and mulheres brasileiras.)

Maybe the Japanese names, if not Japanese ethnic background, help Japanese audiences more closely identify with the characters?

Barbara Mori is one real hot wasabi asado tamale

EDIT: Barbara Mori has an older sister, actress Kenya Mori, and a brother, Kintaro Mori.

According to this AOL Latino Entretenimiento interview (in Spanish), Barbara Mori's paternal grandfather is of Japanese origin.

Barbara Mori says her father Yuyi Mori, her sister Kenya Mori, her brother Kintaro Mori, and she herself have Japanese kanji tattoos of their family name, Mori. Barbara has the Mori kanji tattoo on her lower back.

Mori means forest in Japanese.

Mori is a typical Japanese family name, as in Riyo Mori of Japan, Miss Universe 2007.

Yuyi is the Spanish spelling for the Japanese given names Yuji and Yuuji. The Spanish "j" is pronounced like the English "h." The Spanish "y" is sometimes pronounced like the English "j."

Kenya can be a Japanese given name as well as the name of an East African nation, while Kintaro is most definitely a Japanese male given name.

AOL Latino Tu Vida: Cocinando con Barbara Mori (AOL Latino Your Life: Cooking with Barbara Mori) article says that Barbara Mori spent some time living with her paternal grandparents of Japanese ancestry.

*Along with Argentina and Costa Rica, Uruguay is one of the few countries in Latin America having a population predominantly of white European Caucasian background.

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