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So I tried:
Spoiler for Kha, circa MC 0069:
Creator's Notes

The source material was Otto in a white cassock. Kha being a member of a religious organization could use a proper gown, unlike his Kruznik-inspired one Hayate designed for him.

And so I started. And I very quickly learnt that Otto was FAR from a perfect reverse trap. Several feminine features had to be Warped away, and excessive chest shadows erased. The corset had to be stretched, but even so, it was STUCK there as red as an eyesore.

And lets not forget the shoulders; I first "dislocated" them, then gave Kha scholeosis, then fractured his clavicle, before making it anatomically sound.

This is my first major attempt at heavily shopping a picture. My thanks to the IRC for bearing with my repeated evaluation requests! So please, go ahead and tear into it. How can I improve, good masters of Photoshock?
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