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I see that there's been a number of people who have exceeded the 80 pixel height limit (or even my relaxed 160 pixel compromise) with their new sigs.

Please read the forum rules or at least my last post in this thread.

Some Sig ratings
Sid_Burn 0/10 (the limits are for combined height)
Lexander 2/10 (nice but still 200 pixels)
mantidor 3/10 (Just outside at 176 pixels but over 30K plus you add text as well)
Lanimoo 9/10 (I don't mind it's 4 pixels over (my) limit as it's so cute)
I)ark-I)eath 0/10 (greedy, two images at 125 and 100 pixels height)
Slade xTekno 0/10 (how many times do I need to tell you of the 50K/30K limit)
Icetron 0/10 (118,935 bytes gif!)
JOJOS'STAR 0/10 (192 pixels, 77,599 bytes plus another two images

So, yes it's a hint. The reason for aahhsin's last ban was because he repeatedly ignored the sig limits, I'll be happy to give away 1 day holidays (or longer) to any deserving member

I'll be deleting some of these soon, and imposing some bans if someone needs a second warning (or in Slade xTekno's case, fifth warning).
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