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Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
There can't be anything of significance left, else all the anguish they went through to dispose of the Tome in A's ep13 was for nothing. It had to be reduced to the point where it could not regenerate or reincarnate ever again. If there's any trace of it left, it would regenerate and consume Hayate eventually.
Jimmy you just spoiled my Nanoha/Cente Gravia plot!!! XD

But really, how does a non-functioning gate have a chance of regenerating into a new defence program? It can't even run itself anymore.

~~~New Intelligence Data Updated~~~

BetrayerS Khrack:
Spoiler for The Saint's Union Ratification Ceremonial Hall:

And notice that Hayate is not shafted, and instead is central to the entire conflict, even though Kia took all the limelight.

Nanoha is... elsewhere. And Fate-chan...

I wonder how many people will kill me for this little arc...

Now for something even worse:


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